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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Olicatessen Arbequina Coupage (3 liters can) / MOLÍ DELS TORMS

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36,00 €

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Olicatessen is an author's olive oil. All its olive oil is produced only from olives coming from their estate. The strict and precise elaboration process gives an unique quality and caractheristics to the product.

  • Formato 3 liters can
  • Premios Best organic extra virgin olive oil of Spain, 2010-2011 campaign, “Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil” for the Agricultural Ministry of Spain. Spain.
  • Procedencia Lleida ( Catalonia)
  • Uso culinario Only with salt flakes to "spread" on bread, it's delicious. It can be used cold on fresh or oven veggies. Ideal to cook fish and meet. It can fit with some kinds of cheese, etc. Its odds are varied and delicious….

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